About us

We're an Amsterdam-based platform with a big idea: bringing modern advertising and marketing tools in adult advertising. We're doing that by building a platform for high-class escorts. We want Secretcourtesans to be more than an escort directory. Today placing an ad is barely enough. We want to give providers the instruments to tune their online presence to their target customers. We want it to be a place where providers can connect to patrons and attract their ideal cientele.

Of course, we also want patrons to be able to find the companion and the experience they are looking for. Supporting providers and patrons equally is hard and it may not always work perfectly. Creating a platform is a journey, and ours has just begun. If you'd like to follow subscribe to our newsletter to receive monthly updates.

Sex work is work

Sex work is just another type of work, yet today it's still looked upon with stigma. Infact, despite all the information that people have access to, many countries have seen a decreased support for sex work in public opinion.

Even in countries where sex work is legal it's often hard to access services that are taken for granted in other industries. Technology has played a big role in that, and not in a good way. Well, we hope that here we may be able to reverse the trend, even if a little.

Independent high-class escorts for gentlemen

High-class escorts for gentlemen summarizes perfectly our vision. After all, an high-class escort needs a gentleman to fully express her class, and a gentleman needs a classy woman to be a real gentleman.